Pano Friends of Mine
All Over The World

Jook Leung (USA)

Douglas Urner (USA)

Gabi Haindl (Germany)

Joakim Loeber (Germany)

Dan Lin (USA)

Hans Nyberg (Denmark)

Ayrton (Brazil)

Gave an English lecture on the Congress of WORLD HERITAGE IN THE DIGITAL AGE by the UN in 2002

Interviewed by BTV in 2002

Interviewed as the first panographer in China, by CCTV (China Central Television) in 2002

Mr. JOOK LEUNG met Mr. Zhu Xianmin, the Chairman of China Photographers' Association in 2008

With Ms. Gabi Haindl and Mr. JO in Frankfurt in 2008

Andreas' studio in Berlin

Ametican panographer Mr. Douglas L. Urner in Beijing

Gabi Haindl and me in Frankfurt

JOOK LEUNG and me at CCTV tower Panoramic Gallery

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My workshop in Beijing (I was writing the name "DooZoom ArtShop")

Front Wall of the Workshop (decorated with "D")

One of our equipments (Tomm, my partner's enlarger)